High-quality meat
for grand BBQs


BBQ Star. Everyone's a star.

Real BBQ fans aim for superb quality. With BBQ Star, you put a robust piece of high-quality meat on your BBQ. It’s delicious as it is but even more tasty with the herb rubs included. Each of the four types of BBQ Star meat comes with a unique mixture of herbs, which has been put together by experts.

BBQ Star is ideal grillmasters and for BBQers who want to become great. Our handy tips for preparation will help you to grill your barbecue meat perfectly. Surprise your guests. Make your barbecue superb with BBQ Star.


Côte de Boeuf

Côte de Boeuf is the king of all steaks. It is not without reason that the British call it Prime Rib. It is a robust and extremely tender steak on the bone. Our Côte de Boeuf comes from the Simmental cow, which is kept in the German Alps. And you can taste the difference.

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak is a thin steak shaped like the bottom of an iron. Hence the name given to it by Americans. Flat Iron Steak comes from the cow’s shoulder. The secret? Steak without the sinew is extremely tender and is bursting with flavour.


Picanha on the BBQ? In Brazil they know exactly what to do with it. The Brazilians thread the heavenly steaks onto skewers and grill them on charcoal. Picanha isn’t Picanha unless the rump cap of the cow has a good layer of fat as this ensures your steak has plenty of flavour and is very tender when it comes off the barbecue.


According to many, Ribeye is the tastiest and juiciest steak. This is because Ribeye is delicately marbled, so it stays very tender. Even if you grill it medium on the barbecue. Is there a tastier steak for on the BBQ? Discover for yourself.