High-quality meat

BBQ Star opts for high-quality meat with attention to animal welfare. Our beef comes from German Simmental cows that are kept in the German Alps, and that tastes better in all respects.


Beef: the Simmental breed

The BBQ Star Còte de Boeuf, Flat Iron Steak, Ribeye and Picanha come from the German Simmental breed.

It is not without reason that we opt for meat from this breed. It is perfectly suited to the barbecue. The meat from the Simmental cow has a good amount of fat, is delicately marbled and has a soft structure. It is dark red and has a characteristic flavour.


Simmental cow

The Simmental cow is a very old, traditional breed. The cows are gold to reddish in colour, with white markings. They live in the German Alps and are kept by family farms that pay a lot of attention to the quality and care of the animals.