Côte de Boeuf


The king of all steaks

Côte de Boeuf is the king of all steaks. It is not without reason that the British call it Prime Rib. It is a robust and extremely tender steak on the bone. Buying BBQ Star means buying quality: our Côte de Boeuf comes from the Simmental cow, which is kept in the German Alps. And you can taste the difference. Grill our Côte de Boeuf on your barbecue and sink your teeth into a juicy steak bursting with flavour and character. A treat for every barbecue fan.


How to barbecue Côte de Boeuf


140 °C






  1. Rub the meat with oil and sprinkle the herbs on it evenly.
  2. Prepare your BBQ for indirect grilling and heat it up to 140 °C.
  3. Place the Côte de Boeuf in the centre of your rack.
  1. Grill until the meat has reached the desired core temperature.
  2. The core temperature for rare is 47 °C, for medium rare 52 °C and for medium 60 °C.
  3. Leave the steaks to rest briefly under a piece of aluminium foil.


Don't take any chances with such a beautiful piece of meat. Use a core temperature thermometer to determine the ideal temperature of the meat.


The trick to keeping this steak tender? Take your time and allow the steak to cook slowly. Bon apétit!


What is Côte de Boeuf?

The butcher's guide

Côte de Boeuf is beef from the front end of the back. There is less muscle, making it even more tender than the loin. We cut the meat from the space between the striploin and the thick flank of the cow, from the first six ribs. Côte de Boeuf keeps its bone and is beautifully marbled for a unique flavour.



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Simmental beef

The Côte de Boeuf is cut from the Simmental cow, very tender and bursting with flavour.