Flat Iron Steak

The grillmasters' secret

Flat Iron Steak is a thin steak shaped like the bottom of an iron. Hence the name given to it by Americans. Flat Iron Steak comes from the cow’s shoulder, which is what a bubbling stew is made of. The secret? Steak without the sinew is extremely tender and is bursting with flavour. Add to this the fact that BBQ Star cuts its Flat Irons from the Simmental cow and you’ve discovered the grillmasters’ best kept secret.

How to barbecue Flat Iron Steak


200 °C


Grill briefly




  1. Rub the marinade evenly into the meat.
  2. Prepare your BBQ for direct grilling and heat it up to 200°C.
  1. Grill the Flat Iron Steaks briefly on a hot BBQ until the core temperature is 52°C.
  2. Leave the steaks to rest briefly under a piece of aluminium foil.


Grill the Flat Iron Steaks briefly and at a high temperature, preferably not cooking them more than medium rare for a juicy steak.


Bring the Flat Iron Steaks to room temperature before putting them on the barbecue. Bon apétit!

What is Flat Iron Steak?

The butcher's guide

Flat Iron Steak is beef from the shoulder, or to be more precise, the chuck. The meat used to be used mainly for stews. But for the Flat Iron Steak, we cut out the sinew. This leaves us with tender steaks, beautifully marbled and full of traditional flavour.


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Simmental beef

The Flat Iron Steaks are cut from the Simmental cow, very tender and bursting with flavour.