The BBQ favourite
from Brazil

Picanha on the BBQ? In Brazil they know exactly what to do with it. The Brazilians thread the heavenly steaks onto skewers and grill them on charcoal. Picanha isn’t Picanha unless the rump cap of the cow has a good layer of fat as this ensures your steak has plenty of flavour and is very tender when it comes off the barbecue. Grill our top quality Picanha from the Simmental cow with the Pepper & Herbal salt seasoning, play a Brazilian song and imagine you’re on a beach in Copacabana.


How to barbecue Picanha


250 °C and 150 °C






Direct and indirect

  1. Rub the herbs evenly on the meat.

  2. Prepare the BBQ for direct grilling.

  3. Create two temperature zones: a hot section for searing (250°C) and a moderately hot section for cooking (150°C).

  1. Grill in the hot zone directly above the heat until the fat starts to melt and the meat browns nicely.

  2. Continue to cook above the moderately hot section until the meat has a core temperature of 52°C.

  3. Leave it to rest for a couple of minutes and... bon apétit!



Stay close to the BBQ when searing the meat as the fat can cause flames, and it would be a pity to burn your Picanha.


Look at the way the white threads of muscle tissue run through the meat and cut your Picanha in the opposite direction. This makes it easier to chew.


What is Picanha?

The butcher's guide

Picahna is meat from the part next to the cow’s tail, in other words, the rump cap. The meat is delicately marbled and relatively lean. Picanha also has a lovely layer of fat on top of it, which partly melts while cooking. This piece of beef is a favourite in Brazil, where it can be seen on the menu of many churrascarias (grill restaurants).



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Simmental beef

We cut the Picanha meat from the Simmental cow, it’s very tender and full of flavour.