The Italian
BBQ classic

Porchetta (pronounced porketta) is the number one Italian BBQ classic. Porchetta is rolled up pork belly with the rind on and delicious Italian herbs. A kind of roulade but as you have never tasted it before. Deliciously tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Grill the Porchetta on the barbecue on a spit or by grilling it indirectly. Take a bite and imagine yourself in Italy, or in seventh heaven.

How to barbecue Porchetta


160 °C


2 - 3 hours




  1. Rub the Italian herb mix evenly on the meat.
  2. Roll the meat up and tie it together with kitchen string.
  3. Prepare your BBQ for indirect grilling on the spit.
  1. Hang the spit with the Porchetta on the spit holder.
  2. Cook the Porchetta while rotating in 2 to 3 hours, until it reaches a core temperature of 64 °C.

If you don’t have a spit, prepare your BBQ for indirect barbecuing, heat it up to 160 °C and put the Porchetta on the rack. Turn the Porchetta every 15 minutes to crisp the rind all over.


Make sure the rolled up Porchetta is completely dry on the outside as this will make the rind crispier.


Suppress your hunger a little longer ... allow the Porchetta to rest for half an hour after grilling and then slice it.

What is Porchetta?

The butcher's guide

Porchetta is deboned and rolled up pork middle with Italian herbs. A very old recipe which originated in central Italy, in the region of Umbria. Porchetta is pork belly, including the eye of the rib. Without bones and cartilage but with the rind. The fats under the rind melt while barbecuing, making the meat very tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.


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