The steak bursting with flavour

According to many, Ribeye is the tastiest and juiciest steak. This is because Ribeye is delicately marbled, so it stays very tender. Even if you grill it medium on the barbecue. BBQ Star’s Ribeye comes from the first six ribs – the rib rack – of the Simmental cow, a breed that is kept in the German Alps. Is there a tastier steak for on the BBQ? Discover for yourself.


How to barbecue Ribeye


250 °C and 150 °C






Direct and indirect

  1. Rub the herbs evenly on the meat.

  2. Prepare the BBQ for direct grilling.

  3. Create two temperature zones: a hot section for searing (250°C) and a moderately hot section for cooking (150°C).

  4. Grill in the hot section until the meat is nicely browned on the bottom and comes off the rack easily.

  1. Turn the steaks a quarter turn and grill them for a further 3 minutes. Flip the steaks and barbecue them for 3 minutes more.

  2. Next, put the steaks on the moderately hot section until they have reached your favourite core temperature: rare is 47°C, medium rare is 52 °C and medium is 60°C.

  3. Leave the steaks to rest briefly under a piece of aluminium foil.



Get the steaks out of the fridge half an hour beforehand to allow them to reach room temperature.


The Ribeye is delicious as it is, so you could also opt to leave out the Pepper & Herbal salt seasoning.


What is Ribeye?

The butcher's guide

Ribeye is meat from the front end of the back. This part has less muscle, making it more tender than the loin. We cut our Ribeyes from the first six ribs, the rib rack. There is an eye of fat in the middle of the Ribeye, hence the name of the steak. The eye of fat and delicate marbling are what make the Ribeye perfect for the BBQ.



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Simmental beef

We cut Ribeye from the Simmental cow, very tender and full of flavour.